Mr. Oliver has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective legal solutions for his clients. He offers high-quality legal work and exceptional personal client service.

Ken Oliver Law serves a wide range of clientele and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each party benefits from the depth and breadth of his experience and expertise. He works closely with all concerned and is committed to exceeding client expectations.

Mr. Oliver’s experience makes him highly qualified in evaluating cases from the viewpoint of the plaintiff and the defendant. His background helps him to cut to the chase and hone in on the legal issues in controversy, thereby providing a cost effective and desirable forum for case resolution.

Whether acting as an attorney or an arbitrator/mediator, Mr. Oliver’s goal is to have all parties leave all proceedings with the feeling that they received a fair shake and were given ample opportunity to present their positions fully. He always works hard to earn the loyalty of those who avail themselves of his services.

In addition, Mr. Oliver provides personal service for all clients who come to him with disputes in need of resolution.  He will evaluate each individual case, provide personal attention and analysis for appropriate case handling and ensure that each case proceeds to an appropriate disposition.